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POST: Add several documents at once

To add two more documents to the same index eighties_movies we can do this using the POST and _bulk command

POST eighties_movies/_bulk
{"title":"Back to the Future","category":"Comedy","released":"July 3, 1985","star":{"first_name":"Michael J.","last_name":"Fox","character":"Marty"}}
{"title":"Working Girl","category":"Comedy","released":"December 26, 1988","star":{"first_name":"Melanie","last_name":"Griffith","character":"Tess"}}
{"title":"E.T","category":"Science Fiction","released":"June 23, 1982", "star": {"first_name":"Henr", "character":"Elliott"}}
  • This stores three more documents with unique ids 2, 3 and 4 inside the index named eighties_movies