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Learn Elasticsearch


Because Elasticsearch...

  • is fun! 🛞
  • is an awesome, powerful search and analytics engine ðŸĪ–
  • knowledge is highly valued in the I.T. marketplace ðŸĪ“

Elasticsearch powers most search bars on the internet, is the matching "brain" behind hugely popular apps, and more 🧠 Source: Forbes 2020-09-04


This hobby site will...

  • introduce you to simple data sets to show how to use Elasticsearch to make data searchable ðŸ”Ķ
  • introduce concepts that allow you organise and analyse your data in meaningful ways 📊
  • start tiny and blossom over time ðŸŠī



🙀 But I don't know anything about programming!!

🌟 Doesn't matter. If some terms are not familiar, don't worry for now and enjoy reading along.

ðŸ˜ą But I don't know anything about data or databases!!

🌟 Doesn't matter. An example of a data set could be a list of your favourite books. No big deal.

ðŸĪŊ But I don't know anything about Elasticsearch!!

🌟 Neither did I when I started. So what. You are a star.